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Do I need to let CPH Insurance know if I’ve moved offices?

November 2018 Do I need to let CPH Insurance know if I've moved offices? The short answer is: If you...

CPH Insurance November 15, 2018

Do I Need General Liability (Slip and Fall) Insurance?

September 2018 What is Commercial General Liability Insurance? Can I add it to my Malpractice Policy? Commercial General Liability Insurance,...

CPH Insurance September 26, 2018

Fitness Professionals Alert: Attention to Details Can Avoid Suit

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - August 2017 Two relatively recent court decisions point out the need for health and fitness facilities...

David Herbert August 10, 2017

Can A Visitor Sue A Healthcare Facility For An Injury Sustained When Visiting A Patient/Resident?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - November 15, 2016 Health care facilities owe a duty of care to visitors who come into the...

Nancy Brent November 15, 2016

Nurse Entrepreneurship and Premises Liability

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - October 15, 2014 Those of you who are thinking about establishing your own health care business, either...

Nancy Brent May 26, 2016

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